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ステッドラー マルスミニテクニコ502第二回 Staedtler Mars 502 Lead pointer tub part 2

There is a description to be worried about me, that Staedtler's bucket "502" is a "鉛筆削り : pencil sharpener" (in Amazon.co.jp at June 2016). Anybody knows that a lead-pointer for 2 mm lead-holder, so isn't a pencil sharpener.
I've ignored the description what written by a unlearned retailer, but here I'd make sharper pointed graphite-lead-core of wooden-pencils with the bucket.

It needs to whittle only a wood-case of a pencil to expose a lead-core in the pencil, because the bucket can't whittle the wood-case of the pencil.
It is exposed the lead-core longer than 9 mm with a cutter-knife or a pencil sharpener M+R 207. Then grinds only the lead-core with the bucket.
A KUM Automatic Long Point sharpener AS2M, that doesn't conform to the work since expose the lead-core to length of 7 mm about.
And the bucket doesn't suit to a lead-core thicker than ø2.3 mm, it seems to up to ø2.2 mm.
I had seen the awkward acuminated point of pencils on old ADs of Germany and USA. So, draughtsmen had ground only the exposed lead-core with a lead-pointer in olden days.
→Zurück in die Zukunft - Lexikaliker
→Familienangelegenheit - Lexikaliker
→A. W. Faber-Castell 1958 - Lexikaliker
Although I'll not require to correct the description to the retailer, the bucket is still a lead-pointer.

It hasn't broken a point of lead-core when tried this roundabout method that efficient than re-sharpening a wood-case and all.
I think that the olden draughtsmen preferred the method since they had re-sharpened the pencils very often if the pencils were blunt even slight, in addition it made a long-point with 16° (19° - 24° on ordinary pencil sharpeners).

ユ)三菱ユニ6H 芯径φ2mm Mitsubishi pencil (as Uni-ball) UNI 6H lead-dia. ø 2 mm
オ)アイボール鉛筆OLENマークシートHB φ2mm Eyeball pencil "OLEN" Mark Sheet HB ; Mark-sheet means Mark-sense or Scantron in Japan.
ウ)北星ウッディえんぴつHB φ2.05mm Kita-boshi pencil "Woody Enpitsu"
ト)ステッドラー トラディション110 B φ2mm Steadtler Tradition 110
参考for reference;マ)ステッドラー マルステクニコ780C 2mm芯ホルダと同社マルス200/HB Staedtler Mars technico 780C 2 mm lead-holder with its lead "Mars 200"/HB
参考for reference;.2)ぺんてるオレンズPP502と同社Ainシュタイン0.2mm/HB Pentel "Orenz" PP502 with its lead "Ain-STEIN" 0.2 mm/HB
The harder leads, the sharper, than the 0.2 mm leads for mechanical pencil.
The method conforms to the OLEN pencil particularly since it is shortened a life of the hand-held pencil-sharpener by the OLEN what gets a blade of the sharpener blunt. Because its lead-core is high density and strong probably. Instead, the pencil has wear well and long writing distance.
The olden draughtsmen might have sure preferred the method, which availed the harder-leads what also get a blade of sharpener blunt.
In olden days also, there appeared that hand-cranked pencil sharpener was able to expose a lead-core from pencil, but I don't mention for unknown to that.

挿入孔が狭いM+R0314ohto SPN-70/NJK#750では残った木部を除く必要がある。
挿入孔が広いF - C 184100ダーレ53484クリメカ芯研器ではステッドラー502同様そのまま削れる。
The soft-leads suit mini hand-held lead-pointers. It tends to break when grinds the soft-leads as sharp as the hard-leads though.
A wood chip around a exposed lead-core chokes up in a guide hole of mini hand-held lead-pointer if exposed a lead-core of pencil by M+R 207 sharpener.
It is needed that to strip the remained chip when use narrow hole lead-pointers as M+R0314 and ohto SPN-70/NJK#750.
It can sharpen both the exposed lead and the remained chip at same time when use wide hole lead-pointers as F - C 184100, Dahle 53484 and Kurimeka lead-pointer, as well as the Staedtler 502.

I need to such the sharper pencils, for the sake of writing the part-of-speech and the meanings of word into the between lines of other language. If don't take such a microscopic writing, it makes easier to write with a slight blunt pencil than write with a sharpest pencil.

ステッドラー502 RS10芯クリーナー
ダーレ301ロットリングR505 250Nでも同様に削れる。

ステッドラー 鉛筆削り マルス 502 6cm×3.6cm
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ステッドラー マルス ミニテクニコ用 芯クリーナー 10セット 502-RS10
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