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フィッシャー ブレットEF-400とマグナムブレット2010 Fisher Bullet EF-400 and Space pen 2010 "Magnum Bullet"

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フィッシャー ボールペン替芯:Amazon.co.jp検索

This capped ballpoint pen (above) is installed a pressurized refill "PR" which famous as NASA adoption. And it's the MOMA permanent collection which is formed according to the name, "Bullet".
A cap made of chrome-plated-brass which scratch-proof. In fact, this is on active despite I had some dropped it on the asphalt pavement. Only that it be care to a cap which thin pressed-part may deform.
It is a capped and chrome-plated ballpoint pen the Space pen 2010 "Magnum Bullet" that was limited model and was produced in 1996. The pen has huge ink reservoir that has marvelous writing distance 35 miles (or 56,328 m) despite a disposable. The company boast that you keep writing by 80 years usually, and they guaranteed that will exchange a brandnew Space pen 2010 if you write out before the 2010.
A ink colour is black only, and a tip size is bold only, a fine tip size seems to couldn't resists to very long distance writing probably. It has a tint of the ink is paler than PR refill, and the writing line isn't so clear.

According to so-and-so, the company recalled the Space pen 2010 once due to crack on the nose. Although I aware to crack on a my 2010 also, there is practically trouble-less.
It's obscureness whether this problem was solved, though the company had reproduced the 2010 that renamed to the "Millenium" or the "Mars" after.


It can writing underwater and low temparature with PR refill of Fisher, however it another ballpoint pens was also.
Both Bullets and others could write without obstacle after had been into a freezer for about 2 hrs. And also, it can write on wet paper with these pens, though it can't write since a wet paper becomes shabby soon.

I have well estimated a significant/advanced experience which the Space pen 2010 by Fisher, but I generally measure to advantages in mass-production model that as to refillable, colour-inks, over and above Japanese prefer the fine tip for Chinese-characters (as Kanji漢字) which complicated characters.
Both pens are so well practical in the hot summer, due to carry in a trouser pocket when wearing a T-shirt (that is pocket-less).

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