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プラチナ万年筆 プロユース Platinum-pen PRO-USE MSD1500

"Pro-use MSD1500" as draughting pencil, this product is most high price among 4 grades prices which Pro-use range. The wide and short body is unusually as draughting pencil, any others take the form of narrow-barrel as drafting pencil.
Japan made, produced in the early 2000s(?). There was also once the ball-point pen the same model.

4mmスリーヴ、芯径表示3ヶ所、芯硬度表示3H - 3B(F含む)、ただし.3芯も.7芯もFがある製品を知らない。

Available lead diameters, 0.3mm, 0.5, 0.7 ; Average length of advance rate, 0.3mm/push (on .3mm dia), 0.75/push (.7 dia) ; The load for push, about 700g ; Length of a remaining/wastage last lead, about 11mm ; Service leads, 5 pieces
It is good for draughting as less advance rate.
Sleeve length 4mm ; Lead dia marking, 3 marks ; Adjustable lead grade indicator range, 3H - 3B (including F), but I don't know either .3 and .7 have F.

It is stabilized by the barrel from 2mm thick aluminium alloy, however, a internal-tube/lead-chamber assembled only in a fore barrel. Then it keep stabilized for set an O-ring at near end of internal-tube. As a result it isn't wobble the button, and if you shake this doing sound with only shaking refill-leads in the barrel.
This wide body was decreased an advantage which rare various lead sizes, due to Pilot added .3mm and .9mm to the Dr.Grip product range now. I have feel bit regret for "Pro-use" introduction to late, since it is for affiliate blog that these pencils not to say known while comfortably.

In my view, Japanese majority have handled to short (gripped a nearer lead-point), so put in order of what can grip to short. L to R,
ohto 木軸シャープ2.0 Ohto wooden mechanical pencil 2.0mm
本品 the product
ペリカンD400 Pelikan D400
オートポイント オールアメリカンジャンボ Autopoint All-American-Jumbo

- A nearly straight barrel suits comfortably either minority who gripped on about 40mm from tip or majority who on about 20mm, which differs from the classic tapered barrel to previous posts.
- A barrel is formed from widely and almost curved line/surface in order to be handled comfortably. A barrel-tip is formed from narrowly and straight line in order to be view a point of lead easily, since a barrel-tip isn't gripped when writing.
- You will know comfortably if you became accustomed to write any 4 pencils of this month. In particular this, you steady and well settled when gripped this. I might not feel even weight.
- And so, you become aware that a strange ribbed grip is easy to push pencil forward.
- A detachable clip is inadequate for rolling-stopper, while doesn't interfere with a hand so, since it is short length and snuggled to the body.
- A built-in eraser hasn't a cleaning pin.
- There are marked on the barrel and push button the lead-diameter/lead-size, and barrel-tip has coloured collet.
- Colour code is .3/yellow, .5/brown, .7/blue, in accordance with ISO 9175 standard, though, only the orange shows it not yellow.
- A lead grade indicator indicates a grade by a notch of colour collet that on tip side. It see easily when writing, while isn't seen a collet when into the pen cup it.
- It unscrew a barrel-tip to change for indicate of lead grade, though, it difficulty to do too small. It is required the tooth pick.

左から、L to R,
ぺんてるグラフギア500 Pentel Graph-Gear 500 PG513
パイロットPilot S10 HSP-1SR
本品the product
ステッドラーStaedtler 925 25
ロットリングRotring 600

This draughting pencil is recommendable to write rather than draughting/technical-drawing, as it is difficult to see a lead-point of a wide body when it takes upright position this pencil. So then, this is recommendable to who has tilted the pencil when draughting, as it is easy to see a lead-point. In conclusion, I would recommend for the purpose of writing this, and, for the purpose of draughting/technical-drawing the other Pro-use range of narrow body (as MSD1000, 500, 300 lower prices).
左から、L to R,
ゼブラ テクト2ウェイZebra Tect-2-Way MAB41 .7mm
本品the product .7mm
パイロットPilot S10 HSP-1SR .7mm

These three pencils have suited also for writing, as to gripping nearer the tip. There are the balance-point close to forward, as each pencil has a narrow tapered tail and a nearly straight grip.

ゼブラ テクト2ウェイ;Amazon.co.jp検索
パイロット S10;Amazon.co.jp検索
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